1. Lydia dives DEEP!

“Turns out Lydia is a diver, reaching a maximum depth of 3,543 ft. while she was out around the New England sea mounts, and regularly diving to at least 2,624 ft. as she traveled up past Bermuda through the Sargasso Sea.”  – Simon R. Thorrold, Ph.D. of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

2. Lydia doesn’t mind the Temperature

“Lydia also appears to be remarkably tolerant of varying water temperature – the PSAT tag recorded a minimum temperature of 41F (4.8C) and a maximum water temperature of 86F (30C).” – Simon R. Thorrold, Ph.D. of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

3. Lydia is Punctual

Lydia has return to the to almost the exact same spot she was one year ago.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.05.35 PM 

4. Lydia is Trans-Atlantic

On 9 March 2014 Lydia crossed over the mid-Atlantic ridge, the first documented trans-Atlantic white shark migration. 


5. Lydia goes the Distance

She has traveled over 35k miles since her tagging March 2, 2013



6. Lydia is named after a University

 She was named after Lydia Moss Bradley, the founder of Bradley University and a long time friend of OCEARCH partner Caterpillar Inc.


7. Lydia is International

“Lydia’s remarkable trans-ocean journey reminds us that no one locality, state or nation owns these remarkable migrators of the sea.  If we are to save the sharks, we have an obligation not only to protect them in our waters, but also to work with other countries towards global conservation of sharks.” – Robert E. Hueter, Ph.D. of Mote Marine Laboratory


8. Lydia is a Florida Girl

Lydia was the first white shark to be SPOT tagged in the South East Atlantic just a couple miles off shore of Jacksonville, Florida.

9. Lydia is on Twitter!

Lydia has 24k followers on twitter  @RockStarLydia

10.  Lydia is Big

Lydia is a mature 2000 lb. 14 ft. 6in Atlantic white shark that can be tracked on a free iPhone app, Android app, and at OCEARCH.org



11.  Lydia loves St. Patrick’s Day!

On March 17th 2014 Lydia was within 600 miles of the Coast of Greenland making her the most northerly documented White Shark in the Atlantic.

Lydia 3-11-2014

12.  Lydia is oceanic

“What stands out to me, based on Lydia’s 30,000 mile track since being tagged, is that she has spent so little time in productive coastal waters on the continental shelf.  Instead, Lydia is truly an oceanic shark, traveling across open water and presumably feeding on meso-pelagic fish and squid along the way.  While we know remarkably little about these meso-pelagic communities, Lydia is reminding us that they are likely critical to many apex predators in the ocean, including sharks, swordfish, tunas and toothed whales” Simon R. Thorrold, Ph.D. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


13.  Lydia was the first Atlantic white shark to receive a SPOT, PSAT, and Acoustic tags.

The combinations of all the tags give us a full picture of Lydia’s life. The SPOT tag gives us near real time locations any where on the globe via satellites. The PSAT tag gives us her dive depths and temperature of the water she is in. The acoustic tag needs to be near a receiver to get a ping and since Lydia is oceanic this has not gotten detection.





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